Virtual Food Courts

"Install" a Virtual Food Court at your building or workspace and bring in a fresh rotation of restaurants beyond what's downstairs and across the street

Replace cafeterias with virtual food courts

For Companies & Employers

  • Add a rotation of your city’s best restaurants available for free delivery to your employees.
  • Incentivize your staff and excite your people to return to work with an added benefit upon returning to the office.
  • Provide a monetary quantifiable perk to your employees: a solution that saves them time, service charges, delivery fees and tips.
  • A daily rotation always includes a healthy option, so your people can spend their lunch money on the food they love, not the fees they hate!
Free food delivery for offices

For Property Managers

  • Offer your tenants what they want… more restaurants than what is available to them downstairs or across the street.
  • Supplement brick & mortar food court options with adding the city’s best restaurants available for free delivery for your tenants with zero infrastructural committment.
  • Providing your tenants with programs, offerings and solutions to fit the new norm while reducing elevator traffic.
  • Canada’s first Virtual Food Court means you stay ahead of the curve with offerings your tenants expect for the future of work.
Property Management Catering solution

For Coworking Spaces

  • Offer a member perk dynamic to the new norm.
  • Demonstrate proactivity in providing a flexible solution that your members would use and appreciate.
  • Add a meal plan solution for your members with zero infrastructural commitments.
  • Provide your members with a perk that quantifiably saves them time & money - an average savings of 42% - on lunches, every day.
Coworking space food delivery

Try a Virtual Food Court for a day!