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A service customized to fit your office food delivery needs

Take the hassle out of placing orders for your office meals.

We've built a service for today’s office food needs, and the necessity of accommodating your staff’s different dietary requirements and preferences. hungerhub allows each member of your team to order their own meal, because getting food to the office should as tasty as it is efficient, and hassle free.

How is hungerhub different?

Each person ordering can customize their meal, individually, choosing what they want to eat,
and what comes in it.

The old way

  • Share a link to the restaurant’s menu or a website.
  • Create a spreadsheet to keep track of everyone’s orders and keep track of everyone’s dietary restrictions and taste preferences.
  • Staff copy and paste from restaurant website and populate a shared document, or, even worse, collect responses by email/messages.
  • Follow up with everyone to make sure they have sent their orders in time. Keep track of followups and have several conversations with restaurant.
  • After collecting all orders, place order manually with restaurant or delivery site, coordinate for delivery and payment with a different vendor each time.
  • Last minute adjustment/request… Coordinate again and try to have request accommodated.

The hungerhub way

  • Staff have direct access to menus within their hungrhub accounts.
  • Each user selects their meal directly (no copy/paste) and customizes the order to their liking. Gluten Free, Vegan, or simply don’t like tomatoes in your sandwich? No problem!
  • Automated order reminders and customer support from hungerhub.
  • Reliable and timely delivery from professional and friendly drivers.
  • Each person receives their own individualized meal, in a separate food bag with their name on it!
  • Administrator can add/remove users, set company subsidized budgets for each individual and manage orders/accounting.

What else?
We do not charge service fees, our menu prices are not inflated, and our attention to customer service will keep your office happy and well-fed!

But, I'm more interested in catering a one time event

Individualized orders are not be for you right now? Looking for more traditional catering solutions? We can certainly help.

Our partner restaurants

We work with a network of restaurants that emphasize quality and are willing to work with us on producing large orders in a timely fashion

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