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Order individually. Eat as a team.

Empower your employees with the best possible way to order lunches as part of a meal plan solution for your office.

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Boxed lunch catering Canada

Order your lunch by 10:30 am from your city’s best restaurants and have it delivered to your office.
Every day.

If you're providing your teams with regular lunches, empower them with the flexibility and satisfaction of ordering individually boxed meals from the city's best restaurants - delivered in a sealed package labelled with their names.

It's the most cost-effective option too, we'll prove it 😊

Order individually boxed lunch

Fully Customized

Customize your meal from the restaurant of your choice based on available options; such as size, protein choice, and add-ons. Enter special instructions and indicate any allergies that need special attention.

Individually Packaged

Your meal arrives in a sealed and labelled package with your name on it, so that you don’t have to share serving utensils or scoop food out of a tray. No one touches your food but you.

Delivered on time

Track your food order delivery in real time, and rest assured that your food is arriving on time and delivered by hungerhub’s own team following contactless delivery guidelines. Add delivery instructions as needed.

fully customized catering
individually packaged catering
delivered corporate catering
Increase employee satisfaction, reduce your bottom line, and become the office hero by managing your company's favourite perk.

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How the meal plan of the future works...

step one for corporate catering

Create an account for your workplace and add your team members

Simple and easy to use interface allows you to manage your users. Set a daily, weekly or occasional budget for each team member.

Add a daily or weekly budget to spend on meals.

Corporate catering accountCorporate catering app
Step two for corporate catering

Team members individually log into their accounts to order their meals on the day, or up to a week in advance

They choose a restaurant, their items from the full menu, and can specify any special instructions like “No onions” or “dressing on the side”.

Step three for corporate catering

All meals are delivered together, each in a sealed package with the person’s name on it

Contactless delivery by hungerhub’s own team members and separate individual meals in easily identifiable packaging, meaning less headache for you and peace of mind for the rest of the team.

Corporate catering delivery

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