Elevate your in-office experience... with food at work

Connecting your office with 50+ of Vancouver's best restaurants for daily meal delivery.

Increase employee satisfaction while incentivizing and rewarding the return to office.

Corporate supporting local

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Why hungerhub?

Because we built a solution for every office catering need

hungerhub customized

Choice & customization

Allow your team to place meals based on their preferences and dietary requirements.

Trained in-house delivery team

Meals arrives in a sealed packages.
Delivered by our professional team of couriers.

Reward and incentivize

Improve the in-office experience and incentivize your people to come back to the office.

You already have a meal delivery solution?

Here's why you should give hungerhub a try

10% in savings!

💰 Because we don't mark up restaurant prices! You'll save at least 10% 💰

On-time delivery and no missing meals

🤝 Our in-house delivery team is professional and way more reliable than 3rd party couriers 🏎️

Same day ordering

⏰ Reduce waste and increase convenience with 10:30am deadlines to order, not the day before 😉

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