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Our Corporate Catering Solutions


Ideal for companies that offer a meal plan solution with subsidized meals for their employees.

  • Fully customized, individual meal boxes from your city's best restaurants.
  • Each employee orders individually, so they can customize every meal, get reminded to place orders, track their order in real time and have their made-to-order meal delivered in a sealed bag, labelled with their name.
  • Incentivize your staff and excite your people to return to work with an added benefit upon returning to the office.
  • A daily rotation of the city's best restaurants reactive to preference of your team and always includes healthy options so you can #eatwellatwork
uncatering individual boxed lunch meals for office catering and food delivery

Virtual Food Courts

Ideal for companies and buildings that would like to have additional food options beyond the food court or what’s across the street.

  • Provide a monetary quantifiable perk: a solution that saves your people the service charges, tips and fees common on other delivery apps.
  • Supplement brick & mortar food court options with adding the city’s best restaurants, available for free delivery.
  • Save your people time and money and offer a cost-savings program so they can spend on the lunches they love, not the fees they hate.
  • Canada’s first Virtual Food Court means you stay ahead of the curve with offerings your people expect with the return to work.
Virtual Food Courts to replace office cafeterias

On Demand Catering

Ideal for meetings, special events, and where one person orders on behalf of many.

  • Your city's best restaurants available whenever you need to cater a meeting or event.
  • Browse catering menus from your favourite restaurants.
  • Live track your order and receive order arrival notifications..
  • Catering deliveries made only by members of our responsible and friendly delivery team.
  • Need help or have a question? Our live support people are only a click away and answer in seconds!
Order Catering from your city's best restaurants

Managed Catering & Events

Ideal for companies that would like us to manage their corporate meals, snacks, office cafeterias, and events.

  • Catering management for one time events, daily programs, and everything between.
  • Open a request with the time, place, budget and preference for your catering need, and we'll send you back a book of options to choose from and customize.
  • Access our network of 300+ vendors for all your catering needs.
  • Work with a friendly and knowledgable account manager to support with your catering needs.
Managed Corporate Catering

Word on the street

"This service is incredible!"

This service is incredible! It makes lunch a lot easier to manage given that I can personally select my food choice and cater them to my specific needs/likes. It beats regular catering, especially if you have dietary restrictions and/or picky taste buds. Great idea! Couldn't be happier!

Cara Migliazza
" 11 / 10 "

hungerhub  is fantastic - they have made ordering meals for our office the easiest it has ever been.

They are responsive, helpful, flexible, and incredibly friendly. There are almost zero issues, which is impressive considering how many staff we have ordering sometimes, and they are very fast to tackle any issues that have arisen.

The restaurants they work with are well known and high quality. Honestly don't know how we functioned without hungerhub before. 11/10, would recommend.

Rachel Elizabeth
"Above and Beyond!"

The people go out of their way to help make this a good experience. Above and beyond some days. They listen, they take care of any mistakes that may have occurred. They are pretty quick to act when you forgot to order your lunch in time... which has happened a couple of times....

Thank you hungerhub, for a great service!

Gaynor Walterhouse

Word on the street

on Google reviews
"Customer service is amazing"

Offers a very convenient service which makes office lunch stress free. The app is quick and easy to navigate with helpful reminders. The food choices are good. The customer service is amazing, always quick to respond and very helpful. Would recommend!

Shermain Sameresinghe
"Always top tier"

We use hungerhub for our office lunches.

The service they offer is always top tier from the selection of restaurants to customer service. They are always there to help and provide speedy solutions whenever there is a problem. I am also very happy with their efforts to work with the restaurants to minimize the impact on the environment.

Luke Genik
"Amazing Service"

hungerhub has been essential for us since we opened, especially right now during Covid. hungerhub has been showing us so much support, bringing in so many new customers, we can only be thankful. Their service is amazing for both customers and restaurants, they are extremely organized, supportive and we highly recommend partnering with them, they are awesome and we are very thankful for all hungerhub is doing for small businesses like us!

Casa Tropical restaurant

Word on the street

on Google reviews
"Perfect and easy solution"

A perfect and easy solution to feed a large group, ensuring everyone gets exactly what they asked for. Personalized customer service keeps things running smoothly - keep up the great work!

Andrew Munro
"Something for everyone"

Love Hungerhub! There is always something for everyone on the menu selections. The food is fresh which is not always possible with catered meals. As well, the turn-around time between order and delivery is incredibly fast.

Lois Van Koughnet
"Restaurants and food quality is top tier"

Can't tell you how happy I am now that my work decided to bring in our daily lunches from hungerhub! Ordering on the same day is key, who knows what they want to eat 48 hours in advance! And now when we don't even know what days we're going in to work, same day ordering has never been as important. Restaurants they have and food quality is also top tier. Keep up the good work!!

Lewis Telfare

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