The Importance of Supporting Local: How Corporate Catering Can Boost Local Economies

Corporate catering that supports local eateries does more than satiate hunger; it fuels local economies. Every dollar spent locally keeps 67 cents in the community. Embracing diverse meals, from Mexican to Thai, is not just a gastronomic joy but an investment in community growth. Think food, think local economy.

September 13, 2023

Supporting Local: The Overlooked Secret Weapon in Corporate Catering's Economic Arsenal

Dining isn't just a primal act of survival; in the corporate realm, it's an intricate dance, a ritual if you will. Now, let’s talk brass tacks: the monumental impact of supporting local through corporate catering. Because who knew that the spicy allure of a Mexican taco could rev up more than just your taste buds? It's about the local economy, folks!

From Local Eateries to Economic Titans

When your company pivots to a local Mexican catering service for that board meeting, or perhaps the rich tapestry of Thai catering for your annual gala, there’s more at stake than just silencing grumbling stomachs. According to a Civic Economics study, for every dollar spent at local businesses, roughly 67 cents stays in the local community1. So, that Indian food catering you adore? It’s doing double duty – delighting palates and invigorating local economies.

Lunching Like a Local: Not Your Average Office Affair

Traditional work lunches, be gone! We’re living in a golden age where work lunch ideas have traded mundane for the magnificent. Think global flavors right at your doorstep – be it the robustness of Indian catering or the nuanced flavors of Asian food. Another juicy tidbit: Local eateries return more than three times as much money per dollar of sales than chain establishments, according to the American Independent Business Alliance2. So, those simple lunch ideas for work are not just tasty, they’re economically smart.

Beyond Lunch: The Dawn of the All-Day Corporate Foodie

Now, it's not just the lunch for employees stealing the limelight. Enter breakfast catering: whether it's a succulent Asian dumpling or a healthy breakfast for office, we're talking about economic ripples felt from dawn till dusk. And don't just take my word for it: a study found that eating breakfast can improve work performance by up to 20%3. As for those healthy snacks for work, they're bridging the gap between meals with both flavor and local economic sustenance.

The Group Order: A Microcosm of Economic Genius

Ah, the modern marvel of "group by ordering." Gone are the tedious days of indecisiveness. With the nifty "group order going in" prompt, corporate catering becomes an exercise in unity and, dare we say, economic brilliance. Especially when we champion local choices, from the vibrant flavors of Mexican food catering to the delicate intricacies of Thai dishes.

To Conclude: Food for Thought (and Economy)

Supporting local in corporate catering is no mere trend – it’s an economic powerhouse disguised as a delightful culinary experience. So, the next time you opt for a box lunch catering or ponder over company lunch ideas, remember: it’s not just food. It's a flavor-packed investment in your community.


Note: While the provided content has been written in an authoritative and witty tone, always verify and cite specific sources when using data in official publications.


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